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"A SHOOTING STAR" just published July 2019
300-page Book on Vietnam War
by Professor Ky Quy Vu


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In 1975, South Viet Nam quickly disappeared from the
world, just like a shooting star at the end of its brilliant display.
Two interesting questions occur: How, and Why?
                Prologue by Author Vu Quy Ky

Thank You Vietnam Veterans

Medical Lake June 16, 2019
at Ending Ceremony for "The Moving Black Wall"

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Mary Nguyen, from the Vietnamese-American Senior Association of Spokane. It is so touching to see many military officers here at this solemn ceremony.
We were also very touched to see the Black Wall today.

My Dad was a colonel during the Vietnam War. On behalf of my Dad, of the Vietnamese-American Senior Association of Spokane and our free Vietnamese people in the USA, we would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to our beloved Vietnam War Veterans.

You served, you fought side-by-side with the people of the Republic of Vietnam, to protect Freedom for our country. You sacrificed so much in the struggle against communism. As proud American citizens, we will never forget what you did and the courage you showed.

We deeply thank the 58,000 soldiers who sacrificed their lives, and the over 1000 POW/MIAs missing in the Vietnam War. We pray for them. As Colonel Tim Fitzgerald said in his excellent speech, they served with honor and courage. Thank you and God bless you.

My family were political refugees who escaped Saigon by airplane in 1975. My husband was among the boat people who escaped Vietnam by boat, braving danger on the deep sea. My Dad was jailed in a communist prison for 13 years, along with hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese intellectuals.

Many of our Senior members were soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Vietnam, and were locked-up in dark communist cells after Saigon fell. Luckily, in early 1990, under the HO program, the Humanitarian Operation, many Vietnamese military officers and prisoners of conscience settled in America -- a wonderful land of Freedom, the best nation in the world.

We Vietnamese people were lucky in reaching America, and enjoying Freedom. We are thankful to America and all those dedicated freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation, and allowed us to live in peace. Many of our patriotic Vietnamese young people joined the United States military. We currently have 4 Vietnamese Generals and over 70 colonels. How proud! Thanks to America, a great nation of Freedom and opportunity.

Every year, Spokane City Mayor David Condon, Councilman Mike Fagan and the Spokane City Council sponsor a Proclamation to honor Vietnam Veterans and our Freedom Flag. Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins also issue a Proclamation on March 19 to honor Vietnam Veterans.

On Memorial Day, we placed flowers with Thank-You notes at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial monument in downtown Spokane. We also welcome Vietnam Veterans from Honor Flights (coming home from WA DC).

For 4 years, at the Armed Forces Torch Light Parade, we marched in downtown Spokane with the yellow Vietnam Freedom Flags and a banner reading:
"The Vietnamese-American Community in Spokane
Thank You Vietnam Veterans
God Bless America".

In 1973, the United States pulled out of South Vietnam. In 1975 Saigon fell. The entire free society of South Vietnam collapsed under cruel communist rule. You can imagine the terror, the pain, the suffering that our people have endured, denied human rights and religious freedom. Hundreds of thousands of south Vietnamese were put in prisons.

In 5000 years of Vietnam history, the Vietnamese people have always fought against the Han Chinese invasion. The battles never stop. Now we are fighting against the communist Chinese invasion and domination in Vietnam.

Since 1973, it has been 46 years since the US Army pulled out of Vietnam. People in Vietnam are still fighting against communist rule and Red Chinese domination. It is still a serious deadly fight! The Vietnam government cannot block all social media networks. Massive demonstrations break-out, and people now are less afraid.

We want to liberate Vietnam! Please pray for the people of Vietnam for their strength and courage ---- to fight for Freedom, Human Rights, Democracy, Peace, and National Sovereignty. Again, THANK YOU Vietnam Veterans for your contributions and sacrifices for Vietnam.

God bless you all.
God bless the United States of America.

(Vietnamese-American Senior Association of Spokane)

Vietnam Veteran Memorial, Spokane, WA
Related image

We commemorate 58,000+ American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the Freedom of South Vietnam. We pay tribute to millions of American soldiers who served and were wounded in the Vietnam War, to protect the free democratic Republic of South Vietnam.

       Dem Nguyen Cau - Night Prayer

  Ca Khuc Giu Dat
Song of Preserving Motherland

Uprisings continuously in Vietnam

               April 30, 2019
Spokane International Airport


, after the fall of Saigon in 1975, thousands of Vietnamese refugees fled their country in fear of the Vietnamese government campaign of retribution and political and religious persecution; and

WHEREAS, 6,000 Vietnamese refugees are now Vietnamese-Americans who have chosen to make Spokane as their home and as result, contribute to the economic and cultural diversity of our community; and

WHEREAS, the vast majority of Spokane’s Vietnamese-Americans remember their heritage by celebrating the history, culture, and the Founding Fathers of Vietnam on the tenth day of the third month of the Lunar Calendar and by embracing the yellow flag with three red stripes, also known as the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag, as the symbol of the Vietnamese-American community;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Condon, Mayor of the City of Spokane, on behalf of the citizens of
Spokane do hereby proclaim March 10, 2019 as


in Spokane and encourage all citizens to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Vietnamese-Americans heritage and recognize that the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag also honors the contributions and sacrifices of the thousands of veterans of the Vietnam War.

I, David A. Condon, Mayor of Spokane,
do hereunto set my hand and
cause the seal of the City of Spokane
to be affixed this
25th day of March in 2019

David A. Condon


AUDIO: Michael Nguyen
speech at the Spokane
City Council Chamber (Monday April 11-2016) before
receiving the first Proclamation, sponsored by
Councilman Mike Fagan, signed by Mayor David Condon

"We the Vietnamese-American community in Spokane, are very honored and grateful to the City of Spokane, for a
very valuable Proclamation since 2016, to recognize our Vietnamese heritage day, our heritage/freedom Flag, our community, and especially to honor Vietnam Veterans. 

We are deeply grateful for the contributions and sacrifices of those brave Vietnam Veterans who contributed and sacrificed their lives, to defend Freedom for South Vietnam,  to assist our people fighting against
communist aggression.

In 1973, United States pulled out of South Vietnam.
In April 30, 1975 Saigon fell. The entire free society in South Vietnam collapsed under cruel communist ruling.
You can imagine the terror, the pain, the suffering that our people have endured. Hundred thousands of Vietnam Veterans and government officials were put in cruel labor camps. Almost all of our Seniors here had experienced the inhumane communist prisons. Vietnam communist regime continues to commit numerous crimes against humanity.
I myself escaped Vietnam by a small boat in 1978. We are few lucky refugees who could reach America ! Very thankful to settle here in this beautiful peaceful City of Choice ---- enjoying freedom, law and order. In socialist Vietnam, only
the ruling class has "the right to keep and bear arm". They constantly suppress innocent citizens. Vietnam dissidents are harassed, killed, jailed or house-arrested. The society is deeply destructive in economy, education, culture, ethical values. --- (Speech by Michael Nguyen, VASA,
Vietnamese-American SeniorAssociation of Spokane
for Proclamation
March 25, 2019, Spokane City Hall)

Photo of Vietnamese Heritage Day 2017
Photos by Thuy-Dzuong


"Dear God, today we have Candlelight Vigil to pray for our beloved Motherland.. Our country is in serious danger…This fight not only against a regime committing serious crime against humanity, also fighting against an evil power. Behind the communist party, we see the shadow of Satan and the devils…
We pray for the Holy Spirit to give us strength, especially people in Vietnam. A spiritual strength that gives us courage and perseverance to speak the truth among lies, to defend the rights among the injustice, to express love among hatred. May God give strength to all patriotic fellow countrymen in their great noble mission to rescue Motherland from the totalitarian rule, from atheism, and from the genocide"…(Rev. Phan van Loi, Vietnam)

Candlelight Vigil_Spokane 2018  (photos)
(by ThaiPhuong va TanDo)

        Con Có Một Tổ Quốc (video)
           I Have a Country
Poetry by Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan


On behalf of all the members of the Vietnamese-American Community of Spokane, we would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the Vietnam War Veterans. You fought side-by-side with us for our country Vietnam, and sacrificed so much in the struggle against communism. As proud American citizens, we will never forget what you did and the courage you showed. 
Thank you and God bless you.

Posted on 17 Jul 2019
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